Network Audits

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network audits

In today’s connected world, network performance can significantly impact our ability to be productive, to support growth and to keep our customers satisfied. The rate of change, including technologies like VoIP, desktop virtualisation and cloud services, is increasing our need for a robust, scalable and secure network.

Our network audit service can optimise your network environment, instantly uncovering capacity bottlenecks, security weaknesses, obsolete devices, topologies that drain network capacity, plus any overspending or potential cost savings.

An audit will ensure:

  • That your network is suitable for your business needs today;
  • That your network improves rather than inhibits your performance;


  • That your network scales, securely, to allow for future growth;
  • That your network investments are made at the right time.

The benefits:

  • Reduce costs– quickly identify overspending or potential cost savings on your network
  • Increase your ROI– extending the life and use of your existing investments
  • Optimise your network– enhancing application performance and staff productivity
  • Improve security– proactive, preventative measures to combat security threats
  • Scale efficiently – designing a network that’s flexible and robust for future requirements
  • Spend wisely– helping you plan for the future, making the right investments at the right time

To find our more about our network audit service, please contact us.