Wireless Networks

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Whether you run a business, a council or a hospital, your staff, customers and visitors expect to stay connected while they’re at work or on the move from their personal mobile devices. Wireless networks can facilitate that environment, bringing all the benefits of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to your organisation.

Wireless solutions, designed with precision, can boost productivity which in turn impacts customer service and business agility.

For hospital visitors or citizens using public services, wireless solutions can transform their experience. In leisure and tourism, it can increase revenues and customer retention, giving another reason for them to return to you.

In business, a BYOD environment can ensure your people are using devices they’re comfortable with, while reducing the money spent on new equipment. Across all organisations, wireless and a BYOD mentality facilitates mobile working and an office without walls.

  • Reduce IT costs: by lowering wired/cable costs, easing migration issues and last minute fixes
  • Improve services: offering staff, customers or members of the public secure connectivity- anytime, anywhere
  • Accelerate productivity: real-time collaboration, empowering staff and teams on the move
  • Simplify networks: bringing together disparate services into one coherent, fully managed solution
  • Extend and expand networks: guaranteeing a secure, robust, dependable network
  • Increase return on investment (ROI): by improving business processes and reducing cable costs.

To find our more about our wireless network solutions, please contact us.